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This isn't a group of people who trade; this is a group of traders. Our community is a safe space for traders to discuss Global & Forex News to connect, learn and grow with fellow traders around the world.

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Global &
Forex News

Our FOREX news API will give you exclusive access to everything affecting the FX markets. Economic policies, political hostile’s, natural disasters and market reports, if it affects the FX markets, you’ll find it here and unlimited access for all CommunityFX registered users. We really do want you to have the best opportunity possible!


We pride ourselves being able to offer you an opportunity to expand your trader’s network by chatting with traders from across the globe. Our global chat is a feature CommunityFX promotes as an active trader. It’s important to maintain and grow your network simply because all traders have unique and identifiable trading ideas, or maybe you just want to hang out and make new friends. SlickFX believes a lot of his trading development and growth came from considering other trader’s idea’s, their cultures, and having an open mind. Although doing your own analysis is ultimately important, so is being in a chat with thousands of traders all bouncing ideas and possibilities with each other. Give yourself the edge you’ve been looking for!


Everyone has heard a horror story of their hard-earned profits not being paid. Although we can’t recommend brokers to you, we do list brokers we, the traders who started CommunityFX, have personally used and still do to date. Don’t get scammed. Always seriously consider going with a regulated broker. The spreads might be a little more than the cowboys out there but at least you’ll have peace of mind knowing your funds are safe, and your positions are being managed by a regulated authority. Don’t worry, we’ve done all the hard work for you and you’ll find these brokers along with other services and products we have personally used. Stay safe, don’t get scammed!


Traders rely on the economic calendar to give them information and give them opportunity. Some traders are news-based traders and trade accordingly specific to upcoming news announcements corresponding to opening and closing positions. NFP (non-farm payroll) is one of the most tradable news announcements to date. Crude Oil inventories for an Oil trader is another major tradable news announcement. Whether you’re a news-based trader or not, every trader knows about the economic calendar and It’s just another feature we here at CommunityFX provide as a standard feature of your community!


The guy’s and girls here at CommunityFX are pro automation. We use software which allows us to automate our trading strategies without writing a single line of code. Interested? Check out the weekly videos. If you’re a beginner, out video’s broker supported explaining the very basics of FOREX and what is really is, should be a must. If you the user, has a video you would like to share, let us know and we might just play it!

Automated Trading

Just another features we’re thinking of introducing. Remember, this is your community so let us know what you want, and get involved.

Real traders,
community Real results.

Don’t trade alone. Why trade alone when you can have access to a wealth of information and ideas? We’re real traders just like you. We believe the best way to learn is to surround yourself with other real ytraders. Don’t trade alone. That’s why we’re here.

Learn Connect
& Grow

The whole idea behind CommunityFX is to encourage traders to Learn, Grow and Connect. Simple! Grow your network and learn from each other. Remember… we’re complementary for all registered users! No credit card EVER!

why our community ?

Why us?


There is no magic formula or secret strategy for success. So we don't push you into being one type of trader. Instead, we offer the tools & resources you need to develop your own style.


The right trading group can be the difference between incremental and exponential growth. Join our global stocks trading community of over 1200+ new and experienced traders.


Becoming a successful day trader takes hard work, discipline and consistency. If you're up for that, our approach will nurture you into the day trader you were born to be.

Happy Users

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Trying to educate myself on trading, and I have to admit, this is the first FREE site I have come across that actually looks like they want to help. So much valuable information here, especially in the video section.

Edward B. New Zealand, Auckland. 15th June 2021

I never feel alone trading here. I have been a paid subscriber before and I get pretty much everything here I used to pay for. "SlickFX" Thankyou so very much for setting this up and making it free! The trading room is simple and I learn from other traders and thats all I really wanted. Again, Thanks for setting this up!

Adam Killmore. London, Cambridge. 24th September 2021

This has got to be one of the best FX communities I have ever come accross. I can't believe It's free, so thank you to whoever started this!

Eric T. Australia, Gold Coast. 14 May 2021

I was a member before all these updates and I can say with ncertainly, this guy "SlickFX" has got to be one of the most humbled traders I have ever met. Had a few skypes with him and always draw motivation from him. The first actual person to take an interest in me, without wanting anything in return. THANK YOU, SlickFX!

Hitomi Yamamoto. Japan, Osaka. 12th October 2021

FREE site, can't complain. All I really wanted was to connect with other traders without having to pay or upgrade. 🙂 Very happy.

Samantha Hough. Northern Ireland. 19th July 2021


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