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New to trading, ask out members anything. Are you paying for education?. We feel the best education is learning from seasoned traders!

Fiona (admin)

Fiona, our "everything admin" gal! If you have already fired off an email to support@fxgossip.com, you've maybe already experienced her efficiency!


SlickFX (operations)

Im Adam K (going by the name "SlickFX...because I trade oil contracts), and the idea behind FXG. I really just wanted a subscription free place traders of all experiences can gather and be the best they can be.

What you will get

Top Free Features

Global & Forex News

Our FOREX news API will give you exclusive access to economic and political news affecting the FX Markets. Stay ahead!

Global Chat

Our Trading Room has a global chat for you to interract with traders from around the world!

We use "Regulated Brokers"

We tried to withdraw but they wouldn't process it! Who was it? Find out inside the global chat and don't let this happen to you!

Economic Calender

We have an economic calandar for you trading convenience. Know when not to trade!

We're show casing our automated models!

See how we're able to automate our strategies, all without coding!

Automated Trading portfolio...COMING SOON...

Just another feature we’re thinking of introducing. Remember, this is your community so let us know what you want, and get involved.

Real Traders, Real Community Results.

GET INVOLVED. We built this community for you and we made it complementary so you can stop paying subscriotions to access other traders and their ideas!

Learn, Grow & Connect

The whole idea behind FXG is to encourage traders to learn, connect and grow.

What traders were saying...

Im a beginner and am trying to educate myself about trading but everywhere wants monthly sub? We need a free platform for everyday traders!

"SlickFX" Thankyou so very much for setting this up and making it free! The trading room is simple and I and easy to use and I don't have to pay to engage with other traders now! THANKS AGAIN!

Im just really tired of paying for trading rooms. All I want to do is hangout with other traders.

If I join a free trading room, they don't let you access anything except the chat and you can't even have a username. You get "guest" status uynless you upgrade to a paid subscription. It's very deceptive.

hmmm, makes me thing what I was actually paying for! I have been in a few different trading rooms over the years and this is a great free option.

more concerns...

I used to pay for trading rooms to access professional signals and they were getting stopped out just as much as the amature signals! I'm not paying anymore! We need a global free community we can all hang in.

"SlickFX" Thankyou so very much for setting this up and making it free! The trading room is simple and I and easy to use and I don't have to pay to engage with other traders now! THANKS AGAIN!

After you really look at what you're paying for, you realise you don't even utilise those services much anyway. It's really all about engaging with other normal retail traders like you. That's all I want!

I don't want mentoring or education or any of that crap, all I want is a place to log into everyday for free and creat myself a network of traders I can bounce idea's off.

I can learn everything in these trading room online for free. Most of what I have learned is from talking to other traders and hanging out. I don't really see any reason to pay for that but there's not really any free options out there. What are you thinking? Are you thinking about building one?

Le’s get started.

Membership perks are being implemented everyday.