Mark Zerby

S/O to Comminityx for all the knowledge and Mentorship they provide. My main focus is the ABCD Setup with Catalyst/News and/or previous day runner. $NOVN was a top watch. Didn’t get in when I wanted, was nervous and saw it rip past my entry. Had my biggest win by 3x. TY!


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I'm Trader of over 10 years and have been automating, and building automated Trading Portfolio's made up of 10 model to each portfolio. I DO NOT TRADE JUST ONR ALGO! I have built and tested over 500 models and have a wealth of automation experience. I focus predominantly on Oil CFD's however I do try to diversify my trading portfolio. I am 46 this year, have a wife and three cats and I live in Melbourne Australia. I am learning how to speak Russian for 2 years now part time and Love coffee and vegetables. I have some spinal damage from an accident on 29.06.2010 and have a below right knee amputation right side. I consider my life to be awesome and am excited every day I wake up beside my beautiful and supporting wife.
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